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Hailun HU 5P

Designed for the larger studio, the HU 5P Professional Studio is powerful and yet well balanced with a colorful tone.

Designed for the larger studio, the HU 5P Professional Studio is powerful and yet well balanced with a colorful tone. Cold pressed hammers of highest quality German Würzen felt are the heart of the sound. Tuning and action stability are ensured with the multi-laminate maple pin block, bass agraffes, full perimeter wet sand cast plate, and the exclusive PAS Keyboard Stability system.

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Technical Specifications

  • Cabinet Height: 50 in. (127cm.)
  • Depth: 23.2 in. (59 cm.)
  • Width: 59 in. (150 cm.)
  • Plate: Wet sand cast; full perimeter for strength and tuning stability
  • Soundboard: 1,891 square inches–all mountain spruce with 15 degree spruce meniscus coating for climatic resistance and flexibility
  • String: German Röslau, Copper-steel bead, Steel Pressure Bar for cleaner termaination and clarity in treble
  • Bass: Agraffes
  • No. 1 Bass String Speaking Length: 48.2 in.
  • Pin Block: Multi-laminate 17 layers maple
  • Tuning Pins: # 45 steel, chromium sealed
  • Ribs: 11 quarter sawn spruce
  • Backposts: 4
  • Action: Hailun Performance Plus™ design European hornbeam
  • Action Rail: Hard maple
  • Hammers: German quality FFW felt, Wurzen Co., Germany. Cold pressed felt hammers; Mahogany hammer molding
  • Keys: Naturals-Laminated spruce with red beech shoes, buttons and dowel capstains; weighted and balanced. Sharps-Ebony wood Bridges: Solid maple-hand notched
  • Bass Bridge: Solid maple
  • Casters: Double solid brass
  • Pedals: Solid brass; Soft-Sustaining-Mute
  • Features: Cabinet top: split-lid with brass hinge; front open;fallboard: slow close; bench: adjustable with music storage

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