Hailun 120 J

The Hailun 120 J meets all the elements required that beginners look for, not only does this piano look stunning the price is attractive when placed next to other brand leaders in piano showrooms around the world.

This instrument is not just for beginners, it has a pleasant touch and responsive action. This piano offers more comfort and volume than other smaller models that measure between 110cm – 115cm.

At Hailun quality control means everything, every instrument is expertly checked before being dispatched around the world. Once these instruments arrive in the UK every piano is unboxed, voiced and prepared for sale by our appointed Hailun UK piano technicians. Meaning that when you visit our appointed dealerships around the UK & Ireland every instrument sounds and plays beautifully.


Technical Specifications

  • Height: 121cm
  • Length: 151cm
  • Depth: 59cm
  • Plate: Wet Sand Cast
  • Hammer felt: Reinforced German Felt
  • Strings: Röslau
  • Soundboard: Siberian Spruce
  • Pin Block: 18 ply quarter maple saw
  • Action: Hailun parts supplier
  • Action material: Maple
  • Action Rail: Aluminium with maple core
  • Key bed: Multi-laminate basswood with maple facing
  • Keys: Basswood
  • Key tops: High grade Chinese produced
  • Pedals: Brass
  • Bridges: Hand-notched maple, dovetailed and pinned

Other Models

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Hailun HU 9P

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