Steps on how to buy a piano

The process of buying a piano can be a bit daunting. Pianos come in a variety of prices and with different features so it’s a good idea to understand exactly what you’re going to need and what kind of budget you’ve got to work with.

The process starts with visiting several showrooms where you can learn more about the pianos manufactured by different brands. While you are there, you should feel free to ask anything you want and take some brochures if they are available.

The next step is to play on the pianos that you like. Speak to the sales person and ask for a demonstration and get a feel for the piano yourself by playing it as well. Keep in mind that each piano produces different sounds – some of them are soft, others are louder. Of course, this is the time when you should also take the size of the piano into consideration. The size can affect the performance and you also need to know how it will fit into your home,

It is always a good idea to ask some of your friends who have experience in playing piano to come with you. They can share their opinion about each piano that you are interested in or even suggest specific models that you should consider trying.

You can also seek advice from experienced musicians, music professors or piano tuners. Once you have determined which piano is the best for you, you should make a thorough inspection to check whether everything is fine, especially if you are buying second hand. Brand new pianos will come with warrantees so if you’re looking for a piano that is as good as the day it was made, then buying new is the best choice.

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